Visitors to Canada Health Insurance


I have talked about obtaining travel health insurance when traveling abroad in my previous blog. How about visitors coming into Canada? Do they need a similar type of travel health insurance?

When Canadians travel oversea, the travel health insurance they should purchase is different than the visitors to Canada. We have universal health care and the basic coverage already covered every Canadian. So the travel health plan you obtained is just for additional coverage over and above the universal health coverage. The limit of insurance often starts with $ 1 million and can go to $ 5 million depends on the insurance company and plan you purchased.

Health Insurance Plan for Visitors to Canada often starts with minimum coverage of $ 10,000 and up. Hospital can charge upward of thousand of dollars per day and if you have to be admitted to an emergency and end up in ICU. You are talking tens of thousand of dollars per day. It depends on your length of stays in Canada and the time of visit, mainly in winter month, the odds of slip and fall are higher. So a higher amount of coverage is needed and desirable.  This policy will provide emergency hospital and medical coverage in the event you get sick or injured while visiting Canada. This insurance is intended to cover losses arising from sudden, unexpected, and unforeseeable circumstances. Some of the coverages are:

  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Accidental Dental
  • Ambulance Services
  • Emergency Transportation
  • Follow-up Visits
  • Return Home
  • Transportation of Relative or Friend

Again this type of  insurance does not cover everything.  Your insurance has exclusions, conditions and limitations. Your pre-existing medical conditions
may be excluded.

Here are some of the examples that made you ineligible for insurance coverage are:

a) has been diagnosed with a terminal illness;
b) has Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) or Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV);
c) has Alzheimer’s Disease or any other type of dementia;
d) has received any type of treatment for pancreatic cancer, liver cancer or any type of cancer that has metastasized;
e) has been prescribed home oxygen treatment in the last 12 months;
f) has had a major organ transplant (heart, kidney, liver, lung); or
g) has received kidney dialysis treatment in the last 12 months.

How soon should you plan for this coverage? As soon as you know your itinerary. Some insurance needs you to buy the policy before you arrive, some will let you purchase it within seven days of arrival. Also be ware there is a deductible you have to pay every time you make a claim. Another issue to look into is the follow-up feature, check with the insurance  representative to understand the limit of this feature.  Know the claims procedure – what emergency number to call, is there a time limit to report your claim, what documents to obtain from the medical facility?



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