UNL Home Health Care Shield Insurance

Stay Home when your ill not in a Nursing Home. The UNL Home Health Care Shield, Short-Term Home Health Care Insurance, pays cash benefits directly to you. Enjoy the option to recuperate in the comfort of your own home with help from falling behind financially.

Three benefit levels and a Prescription Drug Benefit (not available in all states), allow you to tailor your policy to fit your needs.

  • Plan A Benefit – $50,000
  • Plan B Benefit- $100,000
  • Plan C Benefit- $150,000

Benefits: Skilled nursing care, RN, General nursing care, (LPN/LVN), Physical Therapy, Speech Pathology, Chemotherapy Specialist, Enterostomal Therapy, Respirational Therapy, Medical Social Services. This is just to name a few.

To qualify for most short-term care benefits, your health care practitioner must certify you as having the inability to perform at least two of six activities of daily living or as having a cognitive impairment.

You have the freedom to use the cash benefits in any way you choose.

All plans are guaranteed renewable for life. Four optional riders are available to enhance your coverage (some riders may not be available in all states):

  • Accident & Sickness Hospitalization
  • Critical Accident
  • Return on Premium Death Benefit
  • Ambulance Benefit

Meet Sara

Following Sara’s stroke she was unable to take care of herself. Sara needed help performing activities of daily living including bathing, dressing and transferring.

Luckily, Sara had coverage from UNL’s Home Health Care Shield. Her plan allows her $300 per day in benefits for skilled nursing care and lowers the costs of her medications.

Sara was grateful to have a helping hand in her time of need. She was able to recuperate with professional help in the comfort of her own home while re-building her life with therapy and pathology services.

Home Care Defined

The majority of people are most comfortable in their own environment where they feel safe and close to the things they love, and home care is the long-term care option that promotes the individual’s independence and ability to continue with the normal, daily routine as long as possible. The goal of home care is to provide in-home care for those who need it, and to allow an individual to remain living at home as long as possible, regardless of age or disability.

Home care services cover a wide range of needs, from homemaking and companionship to meal preparation and medication reminders. They may also include personal care services, or those that help with the activities of daily living, including home care services like bathing, dressing, and grooming. To promote a safe and functional lifestyle, a caregiver can help you brush your teeth, secure the buttons on your shirt, or stand-by while you bathe to make sure you do not fall.

Often, skilled services that utilize the expertise of a nurse may also be grouped within the home care category. Services include checking vital signs, coordinating with doctors and other healthcare professionals working with the individual, and performing comprehensive evaluations of health and community needs to keep individuals safe at home.

As a rule, skilled nursing services are provided by home health agencies; often your home care agency will be associated with home health agencies in your area that can provide a higher level of care through nursing in the home when those services become necessary. However, home care can be a highly effective interim solution for individuals who are not sick enough to need nursing services but just need a little help to stay safe and independent in their homes.