Travel Health Insurance


What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance in USA is similar to any other form of insurance coverage. Travel insurance is a policy that covers any medical expenses, losses or damages incurred while traveling. You can purchase travel insurance for trips within USA or for worldwide travel.

You can purchase worldwide travel insurance coverage at the same time you book your trip. You can choose to purchase travel insurance coverage just for the length of the trip, or for an extended period.

Travel agents can provide you with a policy for worldwide travel insurance or to cover travel within USA.

Some travel insurance companies in USA offer special insurance for different classifications of travelers. This includes: student travel insurance, business travel insurance, leisure travel insurance, adventure travel insurance, cruise travel insurance, and international travel insurance.

Common risks that are covered under an inexpensive worldwide travel insurance policy include:

  • Emergency evacuation
  • Medical costs
  • Delayed departure
  • Cancellations
  • Delayed, lost, or stolen baggage
  • Loss, theft, or damage to personal items

When traveling abroad, beside buying Travel Health/Medical Insurance, there are other types of insurance you should considered.

One is called Trip Cancellation Insurance. This is an insurance that cover you due to an unforeseeable event, illness or injury that prevent you from making the trip. Because many pre-paid travel arrangement are non-refundable, this insurance coverage can help you recover the funds you already paid out in advance.

Trip Cancellation Insurance will reimburse the non-refundable prepaid travel arrangements, if you must cancel your trip before departure as a result of a:

  • Covered unforeseen death, injury, or illness prior to your departure date
  • Travel advisory to postpone your trip
  • Natural disaster
  • Legal obligation such as jury duty
  • Quarantine

Another type of insurance is Trip Interruption Insurance.

Trip Interruption Insurance reimburses expenses for a covered risk which are unforeseen, should your vacation be interrupted as a result of a:

  • Medical condition
  • Death
  • Travel advisory issued after your departure date
  • Natural disaster
  • Quarantine
  • Missed connection

These insurance coverage should be purchased when you booked your trip. You should ask your travel agent as when this decision should be made and the penalty involved if later decided not to take it.

Choices in Travel Health Insurance

I have talked about the importance of obtaining Travel Insurance before your trip. Now let’s talk about the choices available. Some credit cards have coverage for Travel Health Insurance included in the annual fees. Those that offered this insurance are always Premium Cards with high fees. You have to read the Agreement booklet to know the details. There are differences in the limits of insurance and number of days automatically covered.

Another choice is to buy prepaid Travel Insurance on short trips. PC Financial is one institution that offer this kind of coverage. Here are some of the details from their website:

PC Financial Travel Insurance To Go is a fast and easy way to buy travel insurance. Before you go on your next vacation or take a quick trip across the border, just pick up a PC Financial Travel Insurance To Go package at select stores that sell President’s Choice® products, pay the cashier then call or go online to activate your policy. All that’s left to do is enjoy your trip!

You’ll also feel protected knowing that you’ve got coverage for what your government insurance plan may not cover.


If you are under age 60:

Choose from six plans, available in 4, 8 or 15 days of coverage, for Family or Single travellers
Very affordable rates start from only $15
Feel protected knowing you have up to $1 million per insured traveller in worldwide emergency medical coverage

If you are 60-74 years of age:

Single traveler coverage is available for trips of up to 8 days, at a cost of $94.
Feel protected knowing you have up to $1 million per insured traveller in worldwide emergency medical coverage

After purchasing your package, activate online or call them to activate before the start of your trip.


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