March 28, 2019

Business Insurance


What is Business Insurance?

Whether you are starting a business from home or already a business owner, business insurance can be one of your most important financial decisions. Business insurance or business insurance protects you against loss that you may incur during day to day trading. Business owners frequently purchase:

Commercial auto insurance

Commercial truck insurance

General liability insurance

Small business liability insurance

Home business insurance

The objective of business insurance is to protect you against common business loss, such as commercial property damage, theft, liability, and business interruptions. Business insurance is a contract between you and the business insurance provider. You agree to pay a premium and the insurance company agrees to pay for predetermined terms specified in your insurance policy. Limited liability insurance is another popular policy typically covered under a business insurance policy. Business owners purchase small business liability insurance to protect them against losses they have caused to other parties. In some businesses or occupations the risk is so high that limited liability insurance is standard.

Small Business Insurance

Business Insurance Umbrella Insurance Coverage for Business

General Liability Business Insurance

Small Business Insurance Costs


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