Travel Health Insurance

What is Travel Insurance? Travel insurance in USA is similar to any other form of insurance coverage. Travel insurance is a policy that covers any medical expenses, losses or damages


Business Insurance

What is Business Insurance? Whether you are starting a business from home or already a business owner, business insurance can be one of your most important financial decisions. Business insurance


Home Insurance

What is Home & Contents Insurance? Home and contents insurance provides financial protection in the unfortunate event of a disaster. A standard home and contents policy in USA insures the

Health Insurance

What is Health Insurance? USA health insurance is very similar to other health insurance policies around the world. It is a contractual agreement between an insurer a USA health insurance


Car Insurance

Looking for a local car insurance provider to insure your car, van, truck or motorbike? Why not use My Insurance Guide, a USA owned company that brings a friendly, personable

Critical Illness Insurance

When discussing your insurance need with your agent or broker, beside life insurance, critical illness insurance should be considered. What exactly is Critical Illness Insurance? It is an insurance product,